John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2012 - Session 1

Fans, friends, family, neighbors,
We're excited to announce that we made it to the 2nd round of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2012 - Session 1 for the song "Run". We don't know how many artists competed but I can tell you that it's easily one of the biggest songwriting contests in the World and thousands of artists enter each session. It's a great honor to have my song "Run" make it this far.... Thank you so much JLSC judges!

Keep your fingers crossed everyone! :)

Green Tea & Brett Newski ATC concert - Aug. 25, 10pm

Saturday is a BIG day!

This Saturday we hope you can attend two events! Our concert in Stevens Point is at 10pm @ Guu's on Main (joined by Brett Newski & the Corruption), August 25th. We're excited to team up with this fun indie rock band from Saigon, Vietnam. Actually, the lead singer is from Wisconsin, the drummer is from the UK, and the bassist is from Canada. They're on a US tour right now, stopping in Stevens Point to perform, and will be headed to South Africa soon after.

RSVP on facebook if you haven't yet:

Earlier that day a fun new event will be happening at the Stevens Point Sculpture Park. This new event is called Appetite for the Arts, a team effort by Farmshed and the Stevens Point Sculpture Park. It's going to be a big affair with food, games, DJs, sculptures, song swaps, music by Good Soil, poetry slams, and more... Here's the facebook event: You'll probably run into Trevor if you go!

New jamLink rehearsal video!

See us rehearsing our original song "You Left Me Upset":

We're performing in Stevens Point!

Hey all,
We're performing in Stevens Point on Aug. 25th, 10pm - Guu's on Main. Joining us is international touring group Brett Newski & the Corruption from Saigon, Vietnam! Originally from USA, Great Britain, & Canada, the band members are touring the world and landing in Stevens Point to open our show at 10pm. They're a fun indie group that has a sound which compliments ours... for sure! It's indie rock at its finest and you should check them out here:

Join us in St. Paul, MN - July 12th

We're coming to St. Catherine University Thurs. (July 12) for a lunch concert - won't you join us?
With the student body being 97% women, we might be the only guys there!

Gaelic Storm podcast featured our song "Run"

Hey everyone,
I had the fortunate opportunity to interview with Ryan Lacey (drummer for Gaelic Storm) for Gaelic Storm's June podcast! It was great talking and working with Ryan... You can listen in on his podcast where he has featured a lot of great bands such as The Beastie Boys, The Avett Brothers, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Matisyahu, Gary Clark Jr., the Lumineers, Green Tea ( :) ), and more...

It's pretty cool how Ryan relates our song "Run" to his 10 month old baby!!!
(the interview and song start just after 22 min. into the podcast - if you want to skip ahead)


Hey all, If you're still deciding on if you should pick up a copy of our new album Wake the Conscious, well then here's some more testimony on how it plays.

Wake the Conscious review by Jane Woods of Fanrealm:
"Green Tea is a genre defining band from Wisconsin. They will blow you away from the first note you hear. From the sheer musicianship of the band you would expect them to be a lot older than they are. They have made a name for themselves in the Midwest and are beginning to conquer the rest of the world. Green Tea is an amazingly diverse band whose songs actually have something to say. Their lyrics are as inspired and as inspiring as their music..." ... more at

They played "Run" and "To Live Without Dead Time"!


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