If you missed our show and you really really wanted to go then here's a little sample for you. We played John Dory (track 4) from our new CD "Wake the Conscious" with some spice and pizazzzzz: http://www.youtube.com/embed/3Os-dO64xxg

Thanks Ryan for bringing me on your show! I had a great time and it was good talking with you and Tamica about our new album Wake the Conscious. I especially loved the "hot or hot mess?" questions! -Trevor


Check it out... They featured "Run" & "The Cove" on Bit-Tronic!

Who has been to the Electric Fetus in Duluth (or Minneapolis/St. Cloud)? What a sweet shop! I've been there several times and I do make a point to stop there every time I'm in Duluth. Well, we performed at UM-Duluth in March and I convinced the band to stop by the next day. Everyone loved it... not only do they have new CDs, vinyl, hats, and other random stuff, they have offbeat records and used CDs. I picked up some used CDS (Tea Leaf Green's latest called Radio Tragedy, a Jason M'Raz disc, Coldplay's Viva la Vida... it's true, and another disc I can't remember)... Not a bad score huh? I also found a new Brad Mehldau disc that Aaron couldn't believe was sitting in the used racks. Guess who bought that one? After all were satisfied with perusing the goodies, we headed over to the Amazing Grace Cafe for a phenomenal lunch. That was my third time there and the deliciousness astonished everyone in the band. We'll see you again Duluth... bye bye for now,

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band sketch

I was doing some web stuff today (facebook, website, CD Baby, etc.) and came across this cool find... It's nice to be loved by Google... Well, not literally, but it will be good for fans who just saw us perform or came across our music on a podcast... http://tinyurl.com/7fcelxd


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