Festival Season!

Aaron rocking the mini upright at Project Earth!

We're flying high among festival season... our favorite time of year!
We've played some goodies like Metro Jam, MREA Energy Fair, and Project Earth, but our favorite one coming out on top is Project Earth. It's hard to describe the experience we had unless you were immersed into the festival as well. Doc. mentioned that "This is what things would look like after the apocalypse." Organized by the band Wookiefoot, it's a grassroots homegrown family that hangs out together for the weekend and shares the love of music, dance, food, and harmony. It's at Harmony Park - Geneva, MN. To give you a sense... One person's camp had more than just the normal fair (tent, sleeping stuff, camp fire, etc.). The patron, Original Bart, had a grand piano inside a big tent for anyone to play and hang out in. He also brought a mini upright piano and positioned it in the open underneath a wooden pyramid (that would eventually be burned at Burning Man). Aaron, of course, obliged... IT was a gathering place to say the least... There are too many sites, sounds, smells, and memories from Project Earth to write in this blog so it's best to just go. They only sell 800 tickets max so it's important to stay in touch... http://www.wookiefoot.com/festivals/project-earth/home

More fests to come...